The folks over at WordPress released a fresh new version today, called “Benny” – after the late “King of Swing” clarinetist, Benny Goodman.  In WordPress 4.0, there are a few major changes, but they are mostly related to the media management experience.  We’ve embedded a video made by WordPress to cover the new version changes and gave you a brief overview of each below.

Manage Media Uploads in Grid Layout

The new grid layout of the media panel in the backend features a new Details preview pane that offers a smoother media management and editing process.

Media Library Grid Layout (WordPress 4.0 “Benny” Version)

We aren’t too impressed with the Details pane changes… From what we can see, the only real change is an “Uploaded By” field that identified which user uploaded the media item.


Media Attachment Details {WordPress 4.0 “Benny” version)

Easily Embed YouTube URLs, Tweets, and Other Video Media with Shortcodes

Our favorite new feature in the 4.0 version release is the shortcode embeds available for a variety of media, such as YouTube videos and tweets.  Now, adding or embedding a YouTube video or even a Ted Talks video is as simple as typing a shortcode in the Post/Page Content Editing area.

Simply, copy YouTube URL from a separate window/tab of your browser and paste it directly into the Content Editing area, where the video will magically appear!

To see all of the content currently supported as of today for this shortcode embeds feature, view WordPress Embed Services/Shortcodes Supported.

Fluid Content Editor for Posts and Pages

The content editor for posts and pages now expands to fit your content, while keeping formatting options always visible (if you use a default theme).

We have to say that we actually don’t like this feature.  We had to keep scrolling in the Browser window as the content area expanded.

Beautiful Browsing for the Plugin Directory

Our second favorite new feature in 4.0 “Benny” is the visually-improved browsing experience for the internal plugin directory for WordPress.


Plugin Directory Experience {WordPress 4.0 “Benny” Version)

Now, you can more easily see basic plugin details without extra steps and the “Install Now” button is more prominently displayed.

Overall, we like the “Benny” release.  We will keep you updated on the experience!

Do you like the WordPress 4.0 version?  Leave a comment!