Nonprofits face a unique challenge when it comes to logo design. Not only does your logo need to be memorable and aesthetically pleasing, but it also needs to communicate your organization’s purpose and mission. These tips will help you design a non-profit logo that’s as impressive as the work you’re doing…

Is Your Nonprofit Logo Mark Meaningful?

Your logo is a valuable advertising tool that can immediately inform viewers of the cause you support and send a powerful message – even if they’ve never heard of you before. This is most effective when your logo is specific to your mission and represents your non-profit’s values. In order to leave a lasting impression, make sure your logo reminds people of the work you do. For example, if your nonprofit works with children, create a family-oriented logo. If your nonprofit supports education, create a logo that relates to teaching and learning.


Use Color and Typography to Convey Messaging

Certain design elements will help you influence how viewers feel when they see your logo. Warm colors like red, yellow, or orange, can make viewers happy or excited while cooler colors like blue and green make them feel calm, clean, or stable. The fonts and character elements you choose will have a similar effect. For example, a bold, capitalized typeface can portray a serious message and tell viewers that your non-profit presents the hard facts. Choose colors and fonts that match your message and inspire viewers to get involved with your organization.  


Is Your Logo Simple and Adaptable?

Your logo will be used on a variety of digital and print materials (desktop and mobile) so it’s best to keep the design simple and adaptable. Strive for a clean, straightforward logo with the minimum number of colors and text needed to communicate your message.  Simplicity minimizes the risk of confusing your viewers and will make your logo easier for them to remember later on. Your logo needs to positively represent your non-profit anywhere it’s viewed. The more complicated it is, the more difficult it will be to recognize.

Is Your Logo Design Timeless & Memorable?

Even the most beautiful, creative design is useless if your audience can’t remember it. Incorporating your organization’s name or slogan, if it’s not to long, can clear up miscommunications and help people remember you. While you can always edit your logo to keep up with the times, your initial design to be as timeless as possible and appeal to any generations you’re targeting.

Hire a Professional Logo Design or Branding Agency

Nonprofit logo design is an expert design process. If you don’t have an in-house designer, you can hire an expert agency to assist with the design process. They can brainstorm logos for you to choose from or offer insight into which of your ideas are practical. This will ensure that your nonprofit logo takes advantage of today’s trends and stands out in your industry. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to seek input from your employees. This will make your new logo meaningful to your team. No one has a better understand of your organization than the people and it unique opinions will boost creativity. You want to ensure that you receive the all necessary files when the approved design is delivered by the logo designer.

Wrap-Up: Nonprofit Logos that Boost Their Brands

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