Conversion Optimization Tips & Best Practices for Landing Pages

A well-designed and goal-focused landing page can greatly increase conversions for lead generation. The messaging, content, forms and layout should all support a singular goal that you’ve identified from the outset. There are several landing page checklists available across the web, but we’ve taken our knowledge of best practices and included some of the key points from those other checklists to create a great tool for you to quickly assess your offer.

Download the FREE 35-point Landing Page Checklist Now

It is recommended that, before you begin writing and planning the page layout, you can answer the following questions for your landing page in a sentence or phrase:

  • For whom is the offer targeted?
  • What is the offer and the single call-to-action?
  • When will you promote the offer?
  • How will you technically deliver the offer/download?
  • Why (what is the goal for you and the benefit to your audience)?
  • Where will you promote the offer?

Below are 12 important questions you should ask yourself while reviewing your landing page. Be sure scroll to the bottom and click to download the full 35-point Landing Page Checklist we produced in PDF format.

  1. Does your landing page messaging, copy and design support a single goal and call-to-action?

  2. Does the landing page title use actionable, value-driven words and answer the question: “what is this page about?”

  3. Is the copy organized with bullet points, headers and subtitles?

  4. Is your copy compelling, free of spelling errors, and does it convey each feature as a benefit?

  5. Have you included social proof such as testimonials, reviews, total number of downloads, awards or approval badges to overcome objections?

  6. Does the visual design of the page support company branding, ad artwork, and eye direction towards the call-to-action button?

  7. Does your call-to-action have a sense of urgency?

  8. Are forms short and only requiring necessary fields?

  9. Is the copy optimized for search with a single primary keyword phrase?

  10. Is the page mobile-friendly and responsive?

  11. Is the page set up with heat map tracking and A/B testing for constant conversion improvements?

  12. Have you included a privacy and third-party sharing disclaimer near the form (ideally, there is an additional link to the full terms next to the email field)?

Wrap-Up: Download the FREE 35-point Landing Page Checklist Now

This 35-point checklist is a handy resource to audit your landing page’s layout, copy, messaging, and conversion optimization before release.

download the 35 point landing page checklist

Download the checklist