Download these Time-Saving Content Marketing Browser Extensions

For a content marketer, time is their greatest asset. It is a daunting task to plan, research, write and distribute quality content on a consistent basis. These content marketing Chrome extensions will help anyone save time and boost productivity while they create, optimize, and share their content across the web.

Chrome Extensions for Research & Planning Content

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is a wildly popular note-taking productivity app that neatly organizes your ideas, research, and inspiration into notebooks that you can tag for quick searching later. Once you download the Evernote Clipper Chrome extension, you’ll never bookmark a link again! We (Creative Analytics) love this app dearly and constantly use the Chrome browser extension to quickly clip articles and PDFs while we research. We also use the handy Mac App for Evernote that allows you to record notes and take quick notes on the fly then save it to a notebook when you are done. There is also a checkmark list feature that is a convenient tool to itemize tasks or to review things with your team before publishing. P.S. it also integrates with several of the apps mentioned below.


Pinterest Save Button

Pinterest is the 3rd largest social network in terms of traffic in the United States. It’s also terribly addicting for lifelong learners and natural scrapbookers. With millions of pins available from across the web, it allows users to organize visual content into boards. At this point, you can find content on almost any topic. You can easily find an infographic on anything. It’s particularly helpful for design inspiration when you are creating visual content like infographics. The Pinterest browser extension makes it’s easy to save infographics and images without all of the text to a board to review visually later.

Screen Shot-pinterest-extension.png


The RiteTag Chrome extension helps you pick the hashtags that will give you the best bang for your buck. For example, should you tag your blog post on content marketing with the #content or the #contentmarketing hashtag? RiteTag will tell you based on the number of shares and visibility for each. In Facebook, you can also easily find images that are relevant to your content.

Watch the RiteTag tutorial video on YouTube


Feedly is a productivity app and news aggregator that streamlines the process of managing, organizing and reading your favorite content in one place in an easy-to-read way. You can read the latest content from your favorite blogs at your convenience without having to actually visit the websites. Feedly scans and downloads the latest posts from the RSS feeds you set and organizes them for you. The Feedly Chrome Extension lets you add, save, share and manage the feeds and content you’ve identified.



OneTab is a browser extension for all of those browser tab hoarders, like myself, that constantly have 30+ tabs open at once while you multi-task and research, write, and share your content. The OneTab Chrome extension will neatly organize your many open tabs into a list in one tab!



The Impactana browser extension by CMI helps you quickly gauge the shareability and impact of a post. You can get a Buzz score and user engagement score to help you determine if the topic is worth writing about. The Impactana Chrome Extension also integrates with Buffer, HubSpot, and Pocket for easy management and sharing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.38.14 PM.png


Twitter recently removed the share count icon on their buttons. Enter BuzzSumo: an amazing tool that streamlines the process of analyzing the share stats, backlinks and user engagement for related posts. The BuzzSumo Chrome extension lets you do the analysis faster than a search on the BuzzSumo website.


Chrome Extensions for Content Writing

Word Count Tool

You guessed it… the Word Count Tool calculates the words, characters, sentences and even the length of the sentences and words in a selection of text. If you have the Word Count Tool Chrome Extension, simply highlight some text, right-click on it and select the tool to display an analysis like the one you see below.


Google Drive

The Google Drive Chrome Extension is a time-saving tool to easily access your Drive folder.


Anywhere you are writing from email to your blog to social media, Grammarly will make sure that it is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Although it sadly doesn’t work natively with Google Drive, you can copy and paste your content into the Grammarly editor to quickly audit for errors. If you are on a supported site, simply click the icon for the Grammarly Chrome extension to check.



Sync, manage, schedule and share your content with ease using the CoSchedule Chrome extension. We recently subscribed to the full app and it’s changed the game. We can collaborate and finalize our blog posts in Google Drive and then create a draft using the Google Doc on our CoSchedule editorial calendar right in WordPress. No more copying and pasting!!! It’s a life-changer.



Clipular easily takes a screenshot of a web page or a selection and catalogs it in your own notebook of clips for future use. The Clipular Chrome Extension gives you easy access to your clips and the scissor tool.


Chrome Extensions for Content Distribution


Buffer app is a smart tool to manage, schedule and share your posts or curated content. One cool feature is the auto-schedule which identifies the optimal time to share your content based on past data. The Buffer Chrome extension quickly loads a pop-up of the share panel in your browser window to easily share the content you are currently viewing. This is a super easy way to quickly and effortlessly share that great blog article you just read from an influencer or even on your own blog.

Hootsuite Hootlet

Most content and social media marketers already know about Hootsuite – the social media management and scheduling app. The Hootsuite Chrome extension loads a Hootlet in your browser bar to easily share content on your connected social profiles without visiting the Hootsuite site. Also, if you are browsing Google search results, the extension will identify the latest related social content to easily share as well.


Bitly is a URL shortening service with the ability to create user-friendly custom slugs for shortened URLs. The Bitly Chrome extension rapidly saves the link and produces a popup to brand the shortened URL. It also provides analytics for the link.



AtomicWriter by AtomicReach is a Chrome extension to support the expensive premium app which helps writers improve the readability and shareability of their content based on the target audience. The AtomicWriter Chrome extension will streamline edits for optimal content performance.

Other Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing & Organization

There are four other Chrome extensions that we wanted to share, which can be used by anyone managing tasks (not just content marketing): Extensity is an organizer for Chrome extensions that puts them all together saving precious URL bar space); Trello is a task management app that organizes information into cards — the Trello extension allows users to access and create cards on the fly; Asana is a productivity and project management app that allows robust drill-down of products into bite sized pieces with lots of integration — the Asana extension bookmarks your Asana site; and, finally, Taco is a task aggregator — the Taco extension pulls all of your tasks from many of the apps mentioned above into one interface (which you can set as your Chrome homepage).



Wrap-Up: Boost Productivity with Content Marketing Chrome Extensions

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We personally use the majority of these content marketing Chrome extensions and have seen a significant increase in our productivity. What content marketing Chrome extensions do you use to save time?

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published on July 28, 2016.