Download These Plugins to Improve Your Blog Publishing Workflow

If you’ve ever tried your hand at content marketing, you know how much work it can be. But with the right tools, planning and executing a content marketing strategy is easier than you think. With over 25% of websites powered by WordPress (according to the latest data from W3Techs) many content marketers are learning how to adapt this Content Management System (CMS) to their needs. We’ve compiled a list of 12 powerful, innovative WordPress content marketing plugins that will help you boost your strategy and create content like the professionals.

WordPress Content Marketing Plugins: Security & Performance

1. WP Limit Login Attempts

Because WordPress has worldwide popularity, it can be a prominent target for hackers. Website hackers can cause detrimental damage to your site and in turn, misrepresent your brand with false content which can tarnish your reputation. To minimize your risk, it is essential to install security plugins like WP Limit Login Attempts. This plugin protects your site against brute force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts and temporarily blocking IP addresses that try to guess your password. You can’t reach your audience if your site or blog is shut down by a hack.

2. Wordfence

Wordfence is an extensive security plugin that makes consistent improvements  based on what it learns from other WordPress sites across the web. It includes a wealth of basic, but necessary, security tools like a WordPress firewall, login security, security scanning for vulnerabilities, and monitoring, blocking, and caching features. Best of all, Wordfence security is completely free.  You can, however, upgrade to a paid version to receive a premium API key for more support and additional advanced features.

3. W3 Total Cache

Today’s consumers have a rapidly decreasing attention span, meaning it’s more important than ever that your site is running quickly and smoothly. Page load speed is also an important ranking factor in search engine results and can determine how many viewers are being directed to your site. W3 Total Cache is a WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) plugin that works to improve page load speed and overall user experience. It uses caching to boost server performance, speed download and delivery times – which keeps visitors from navigating away from your content.

WordPress Content Marketing Plugins: Planning

4. Editorial Calendar

With a 4.9 star rating and over half a million downloads, the Editorial Calendar plugin is one of the most popular tools out there for scheduling your content marketing efforts. This plug-in provides an overview of your blog content and lets you schedule posts with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. The drag-and-drop feature is unique to this calendar from other similar plugins that we’ve tried, and it’s handy when you need to quickly reschedule a post to another date. This robust free content calendar solution lets content marketers quickly edit titles, times and content within the calendar and allows multiple authors to view and manage posts. Check out the plug-in before you download it at Zack’s WordPress Sandbox.

5. CoSchedule

While CoSchedule is one of the more pricey options on this list, it’s one of our personal favorites at Creative Analytics — and well worth the cost. This comprehensive tool lets you create an editorial calendar, schedule social media posts, share tasks and collaborate with team members, integrate tools like Google Docs and the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, and more. That means you can take care of all your content marketing planning and posting needs without ever leaving WordPress. Try a 14-day free trial before committing to any paid plans.

WordPress Content Marketing Plugins: Content Creation

6. Easy Content Templates

Easy Content Templates is a handy plugin for naming and saving content templates. Out-of-the-box, WordPress content templates are only ordering Cialis from here visible to the admin/creator. With Easy Content Templates, simply check the “Make this Template available for others” box and your designs will be available to your entire team.

7. ImageInject

The ImageInject plugin, formerly known as WP Inject, is a serious time saver for finding and importing images for any WordPress blog post. Simply install ImageInject for access to thousands of free creative commons images to use in your content or as a featured image. ImageInject’s search meta box appears at the top of WordPress editor, allowing you to search for keywords and place photos without leaving your post. All of the plugin’s photos include attributions and editable templates for complete customization.

WordPress Content Marketing Plugins: Reader Engagement

8. Listly

Listly is all about engagement. We’ve all seen the Buzzfeed-style list posts that currently dominate search engine results and fill our Facebook timelines. The Listly: Listicles For WordPress plugin will let you take these posts a step further and blow your competition’s content out of the water. Not only does Listly easily create and maintain beautiful list posts within your WordPress site, but it also lets you include interactive elements that boost engagement. Add voting to your lists so viewers can select and share their favorite list items or leave certain numbers blank so voters can help you complete the list in a comment box. Listly also includes a wide selection of list layouts, easy embed shortcodes, SEO features, and social share functionality.

9. Captcha

While the Captcha plugin could also fall under our security tools category, its primary purpose is to keep your audience’s comments secure and protect engagement. The plugin adds a simple math equation to comment boxes, logins, email registration, and many other forms. Visitors must solve the equation before filling out your site’s form, preventing bots from posting spam on your site. Form spam wastes your time and can discourage other visitors from leaving comments, so consider taking precautionary measures with Captcha or a similar tool.

10. MaxButtons

Self-proclaimed “WordPress button, social share and social icon plugin” MaxButtons is a great way to make eye-catching, effective call-to-action (CTA) buttons for any page of your WordPress site. CTAs focus and motivate your audience while they view your content. Including CTA and social share buttons will increase engagement and show your reader exactly what you want them to do with your content.

WordPress Content Marketing Plugins: Analytics & Testing

11. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

This powerful analytics plugin integrates your WordPress site with Google Analytics API for convenient tracking and data analysis. With a 3.9-star rating and over 11 million downloads, Google Analytics by MosterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin. The plugin delivers your analytics to a dashboard within WordPress and includes various customizable options to help you measure the success of your specific content marketing efforts.

12. Nelio AB Testing

Nelio AB Testing is another extremely popular plugin that runs A/B testing within WordPress, letting you experiment to construct the perfect content for your audience. Test virtually any element of your site or content, including titles, headline, themes, widgets, CSS, and more. This multi-purpose plugin also generates Heatmaps and click-maps and provides cache support. Unfortunately, this innovative tool comes at a price. Check out the free trial before upgrading to a yearly paid plan.

Wrap-Up: Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy with Powerful Plugins

Take your content marketing plan to the next level by incorporating these helpful WordPress content marketing plugins. Do you have a favorite WordPress plugin that’s helped you speed up your content publishing or engagement? Comment below or shoot us an email with your recommendations. You could be featured in one of our upcoming posts.

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